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Are Creating Brighter Days ™ nutraceutical treats only for dogs?

We have designed our treats with dogs in mind, however, the ingredients are safe for all animals. Our therapeutic oil and tincture products have been created for dogs and cats, and are even safe for horses. Always consult with your veterinarian before use.

Are Creating Brighter Days ™ nutraceutical tinctures only for dogs?

Our tinctures and therapeutic oils are formulated for dogs, cats and horses. We currently do not have dosing recommendations for horses. Please consult with your veterinarian before use.

Are Creating Brighter Days ™ nutraceutical supplements safe for pets with food allergies?

Animals can be allergic to any food and some allergies are more common than others. Our products have been carefully formulated to eliminate high allergen foods and therefore do not contain meat, grains, soy, dairy or wheat. If your pet shows any signs of reaction to our products, contact your veterinarian.

Will Creating Brighter Days ™ help with my pet’s medical condition?

Our products are intended to support your pet’s endocannabinoid system and to target a wide variety of ailments and conditions. They are not intended for use in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any disease or condition. Consult our Treatment Guide to learn more about what conditions each formula treats.

Are Creating Brighter Days ™ products recommended by veterinarians?

Until Canada's legalization of Cannabis in July of 2018, Veterinarians are not lawfully permitted to prescribe CBD treatment for their patients and therefore cannot recommend our products. Creating Brighter Days has created an alliance with an association of veterinarians and has developed its' products with the consultation and advisory of experts. Our products are backed by veterinarians who are currently conducting thousands of case studies.

Are there any conflicts with other medications or supplements with Creating Brighter Days ™ products?

There are no known negative interactions with CBD and other supplements or veterinarian prescribed therapies; however, you should never change prescription medications without consulting your veterinarian.

Our herbal extracts are designed with the intention of micro-dosing, a technique of low administration to prevent adverse reactions, but high enough to allow a cellular response for the body to be healed.

What does Nutraceutical mean?

A food enhanced by natural additives or supplements which provide extra nutritional value and medicinal benefit. 

What is CBD?

CBD is the acronym for Cannabidiol.

What is Cannabidiol?

This one takes a long time to explain. Take a look at our full explanation here.

What is a Cannabinoid?

Cannabinoids are naturally occurring compounds present in trace amounts in several plants, most notably -though not exclusively-in cannabis.

What is the endoCannabinoid System?

This one takes a long time to explain. Take a look at our full explanation here.

Where do endoCannabinoids come from?

Endocannabinoids are naturally occurring cannabinoids that are synthesized on demand by the human body. Your body creates endocannabinoids with the help of fatty acids, such as Omega-3. Hemp seeds are a quality source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

What is a phytocannabinoid?

Phytocannabinoids are found in plants, including hemp. When phytocannabinoids are administered through methods like oral ingestion or sublingual absorption, they are absorbed by the body, where they are able to interact with the cannabinoid receptors.

What is an Adaptogen?

A botanical substance (usually a plant or root) in raw or extracted form that is safe to consume on a daily basis. Adaptogens increase the body’s ability to resist the damaging effects of stress, and promotes and restores normal physiological functioning.

Will Creating Brighter Days ™ products get my pet “high” after they take them?

Absolutely not. Our pure CBD isolate does not contain any THC, the chemical compound responsible for the “high” associated with Cannabis products.

Is this "just CBD"?

No, Creating Brighter Days ™ has created a product that they call “CBD+” because of the unique combination of adaptogens, ingredients, and of course, enriched with a high-quality CBD isolate.

What makes Creating Brighter Days ™ so unique?

Creating Brighter Days ™ has created a product that they call “CBD+” because of the unique combination of adaptogens, ingredients, and of course, enriched with a high quality cannabidiol (CBD) isolate. Though there may be other CBD- enriched pet products out there, there is no one else who is combining CBD with a rich complement of adaptogens that also offer a host of medical benefits to your pet.

How Long Does it Take Creating Brighter Days ™ products to work?

Initial results are typically seen in 3-5 days with significant effects in 10-14 days. The delay in response is due to the time it can take for cannabis receptors to be made and activated in appropriate amounts; this naturally has individual variation.

What if Creating Brighter Days ™ products don’t seem to help my pet?

Creating Brighter Days developed its' formulas to target a variety of ailments and conditions. In most cases, following the dosing schedule will result in noticeable improvement in your pet's health. If you have not noticed any change in your pet's condition and have been following the dosing schedule, a more concentrated dose may be required. We recommend beginning by slowly increasing your pets daily intake of our CBD. Check out our dosage recommendations for more information.

How can I learn more about the science behind Creating Brighter Days ™?

Take a read through our information about the endocannabinoid system (ECS), cannabidiol, and adaptogens.

How are Creating Brighter Days ™ products made?

We make our tinctures using herbal extracts, USP certified vegetable glycerine and distilled water. Our extracts are developed in a lab and the adaptogenic herbs are extracted by Ph.D's who have studied Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 25 years. When our formulas are bottle they do not contain alcohol to ensure safe administration for your pet.

Our treats are baked low and slow to preserve the medicinal qualities of the contents. We choose to use organic and non-GMO produce, combined with hemp seed oil, chia seeds, the highest quality medicinal herbs, and premium hemp-derived pure CBD isolate and adaptogens to create tailored formulas to treat a wide variety of ailments. Learn more about how our process here.

Why do you use a pure CBD isolate rather than whole plant extraction?

Pure CBD isolate does not contain any amount of THC. We use a proprietary extraction method which includes a multiple-distillation process to achieve purity. Learn more about our process here.

Where exactly can you ship Creating Brighter Days ™ products to?

Within Canada.

I’m interested in reselling Creating Brighter Days ™ products. How do I proceed?

Contact our sales department at sales@cbdpet.ca to find out more information about setting up a wholesale account.

I noticed a white spot on my Treat. What is that white spot?

That is the medicine! In the process of manufacturing our treats, the medicine is placed on the treats after they have all been pressed- it isn't mixed in to the dough first. Since our treats are baked low and slow, the CBD shows up as a white dot during the baking process. This way we can ensure that every treat gets 3mg of CBD.

How do you ensure that every Treat gets 3mg of CBD?

We use a pipette- an exact laboratory measuring tool- in our process of manufacturing. The medicine is placed on the treat after it has been pressed- it isn't mixed into the dough first. This way we can ensure that every treat gets 3mg of CBD. 

Our Products May Help With the Following Conditions

Aging + Wellness
Anxiety + Phobias
Digestion + Nausea
Epilepsy + Seizures
Immune Support
Mobility + Joint Support
Skin + Allergies