Improve Mobility + Alleviate Pain

Relieve joint pain and improve mobility with COMFORT. This natural herbal extract formula features 500mg of hemp-derived CBD, nano-encapsulated for optimal absorption, plus burdock root to help reduce inflammation and alleviate pain, and liquorice root to help regulate cortisol levels and support digestion.

Comfort Ingredients

Nano-encapsulated (water soluble) CBD

Nanoencapsulation encases microscopic amounts of CBD in a water-soluble shell, and thus is easily dissolved in water. This substantially increases CBD’s bioavailability in the body.

Burdock root extract 1:4

Burdock Root Burdock’s anti-inflammatory properties support a vast range of healing capabilities. It is extremely beneficial for pets currently battling disease or illness, as it stimulates Lymphatic system drainage, allowing an animal to better transport white blood cells throughout the body and flush out toxins and infections. It’s detoxification doesn’t stop there; Burdock purifies the blood, soothes kidneys and chronic kidney disease, combats cancer and diabetes, and eliminates fluid retention. It alleviates stomach ailments and constipation, improves mobility  and joint pain, eases arthritis, heals skin allergies and conditions, and supports pets as they age. 

Licorice root extract 1:4

Licorice Root Our pets’ curiosity commonly finds them tasting or eating things they probably shouldn’t be. In the event of ingesting or digesting toxic or harmful foods, Licorice Root can assist as a powerful supplemental remedy for nausea, indigestion, ulcers, as it speeds the repair of stomach lining. An antispasmodic, it provides relief for muscle and abdominal cramping, regulates cortisol levels, and reduces stress and anxiety. 

Non-Medicinal Ingredients
  • Kosher certified glycerine
  • Distilled water


  • General Heath: 50mg
  • Chronic Pain: 100mg-150mg
  • Arthritis: 50mg-100mg
  • Ulcers/Colic: 50mg-100mg
  • Inflammation: 50mg-150mg

To be administered approximately every 24 hours directly in horse’s mouth or on feed.

Why NANO for horses?

When using CBD therapeutically, dosage is always based on an animal’s weight. Because horses are such a large breed, our high-potency, nanoencapsulated CBD is far more efficient than other CBD products — so horse owners can use less product to achieve maximum results. 

Nanoencapsulated CBD is made instantly bioavailable in a horse’s body, yielding rapid results. Its enhanced sublingual delivery system allows CBD to be absorbed into a horse’s bloodstream, where it binds to cell receptors immediately. 

Science Behind Nanoencapsulation

Creating Brighter Days equine CBD products are produced using a process known as nanoencapsulation — a process that has been used in the pharmaceutical industry for several decades to increase the bioavailability of hydrophobic (non-water soluble) ingredients such as CBD oil.

The efficacy of active ingredients, such as CBD, is determined not only by dosage but by the bioavailability of the compound. This is the amount of the compound that enters the bloodstream. For example, a product with a 40% bioavailability will have four times the effective dosage of a product with 10% bioavailability.  

In essence, with nanoencapsulation, microscopic amounts of the active ingredient are encased in a water-soluble shell which is easily dissolved in water, thereby substantially increasing the bioavailability of the compound.

The body treats nanoencapsulated CBD as it would any food. However, because the size of the emulsion is so small, the CBD is instantly available and can be absorbed without relying on enzymes or digestive activity to break it down. For this reason, nanoencapsulated CBD is instantly available to the body and able to reach and connect with receptor sites before passing through the liver and being metabolized. This also makes the effects of the product less dependent on other factors such as diet or feeding schedule, resulting in more predictable effects. Moreover, when administered sublingually, nanoencapsulated CBD is readily absorbed into the bloodstream via blood vessels in the lining of the mouth.

Another benefit of nanoencapsulation is that it remains stable indefinitely, thereby increasing the shelf life of the product.

Our Products May Help With the Following Conditions

Aging + Wellness
Anxiety + Phobias
Digestion + Nausea
Epilepsy + Seizures
Immune Support
Mobility + Joint Support
Skin + Allergies