You've created brighter days for my beastie...


I feel compelled to drop you a line and let you know the amazing impact CBD treats have had with my 14 year old King Doberman, William...or Handsome Will as he's more commonly known :)

We rescued our baby from a kill shelter 4 years ago as an "end of life" rescue...him nor I was accepting this "end of life" silliness so with a natural organic diet, homeopathic care, and proper exercise, and tons of love Will transitioned into a healthy and loving docile baby in no time flat.

Before CBD Will was diagonsed with masses in his lungs, severe degeneration of his spine, and the typical hind leg issues associated with large breed geriatric dogs.  He could no longer climb on the bed or sofa, nor into our out of the car.  In addition, he could only walk for about 10 to 15 minutes at a time at even the slowest pace.  Getting up from a laying position took a few tries, and laying down wasn't any more graceful.  We were accepting the fact that we had some pretty hard choices to make, and those choices were coming more quickly than we had hoped.

Then a friend recommended your treats...and WOW what a difference.  Our sweet beastie is climbing up and down off the sofa again, enjoying back seat drives, long park walks, and he clumsily flouncing around like he did 4 years ago...I would call it a miracle, but it is all because of the Creating Better Days treats...we give him Longevity treats in the morning, and Serenity treats in the's made all the difference in the world for our guy.  His digestive system is on point, he moves with ease, and he no longer thinks our vacuum cleaner is a torture contraption.

I'm attaching a photo of William for your viewing pleasure...he's a handsome old guy who's living the BEST senior life possible...largely in part to the wonderful benefits of Creating Brighter Days.  

Our sincerest gratitude, 
Nicole and Brian
William's dedicated parents

Happy Tails